My name is Jay L.A. Bastien and I am an artist who was born in the ’80s, on the Caribbean island of Dominica. I lived in Dominica for nine years before moving to the U.S. with my family. I was primarily raised in New York City and still live there (in the outer borough of Queens).

Based on the stories shared by various family members, I expressed an inclination towards the arts since childhood. As a child, singing was my prefered form of expression but as the years progressed, my interests branched out to include arts and crafts, acting, sketching, painting, jewelry design and alas photography.

I was only introduced to the art form of photography as an adult, less than a decade ago. If I believed in having regrets, not being introduced to photography at a young age would be my one regret. I have fallen in love with photography and pray that I am blessed with  long life so that I can develop a more intimate relationship with the medium. Until then, I hope to increase my knowledge and skill with every composition and every capture.


Vivacious Jay L.A. a lifestyle blog geared towards sharing artistic inspirations. The life of an artist is sometimes tumultuous and through the sharing of my personal experiences


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